How Does A Simple Dyno Tune Improve A Stock 2000 Dodge Viper GTS?

Your car can benefit from Dyno tuning. You can get more power out of your car’s engine by tuning it without changing any part.

This is especially true of cars older enough to be updated with computer technology but still able to use decades-old advances. This 2000 Dodge Viper GTS was brought in by Four Eyes YouTube channel for a tune.

The car’s 8.0-liter V10 was rated at 450 hp (460 PS/340 kW) from the factory and, on the dyno in this video, that translated to 410 hp (416 PS/306 kW) at the wheels for this bone stock example. That’s not bad, but the tuners immediately noticed an area where improvements could be made.

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It was determined that the torque dip occurred in an area where the car was operating too rich. They were able, after some trial and error to find a solution that would optimize the air/fuel ratio. The result was eight horsepower (8.1 PS/5.9kW). Even better, they were able to fix the torque dip.

They felt more confident in their ability to adjust the timing so that the combustion can occur faster. They were able to increase their power by 10 horsepower (10.1PS/7.4kW) for total 428 HP (433 PS/319kW).

A further improvement, along with an adjustment of the air/fuel ratio in order to account for extra fuel needs, led to a final power rating (444 PS/327kW) at wheels or 28 (28.3PS/21kW) additional horses, without having to modify any part. This translated to a speed improvement of almost half a second for a 30-80mph acceleration test (48-129km/h).

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Author: Brandon Park