How to Make Your Vehicle More Comfortable for Car Trips

How to Make Your Vehicle More Comfortable for Car Trips

Spending time on the road can be exhausting for some drivers. Beyond the daily commute to work or running errands, extended road trips in a car do not have to remain a taxing venture on the driver’s body. Take some time to consider some of the following tips to provide a more comfortable and relaxing car trip in the future.

Begin with Basic Maintenance

Before even planning on getting on the road, ensure that basic maintenance has been conducted on the vehicle used for travelling on an extended car trip. Having the vehicle fluids topped off, battery power tested, and the vehicle road tested with adjusted tire pressure and balance will help to provide a more comfortable ride. Do not overlook the added benefit of a smooth ride on the body of the person behind the wheel. Keep your vehicle in top maintenance shape and ready for hitting the road for your next road trip.

Start with Plenty of Rest

To make your next car trip more relaxing and more comfortable, be sure to get plenty of rest before getting behind the wheel. Fatigued driving accounts for over 300,000 traffic accidents annually, according to a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The longer the road trip, the more rest that the driver should get before getting behind the wheel.

Adjust Seat Settings for Long Distance Driving

Modern motor vehicles are equipped with a variety of options for seating, especially designed with driver comfort in mind. Try to test out various settings for the seat and the back that would provide the ultimate comfort level for long distance driving. If at all possible, personalize the seat settings for the driver in advance and in preparation of the car trip. If there will be partner drivers, adjust settings for a second driver and preset prior to hitting the road.

Utilize Ergonomic and Chiropractic Aids to Enhance Driver Comfort

People with back conditions and similar issues of discomfort should seriously consider using ergonomic and chiropractic aids for when they get behind the wheel. For back pain, try adding a seat rest with lumbar support cushion padding. These types of travel aids help drivers with back pain and similar issues experience more comfortable travel while behind the wheel.

Partner on the Task of Driving

Do not let one person do all of the work. Make it a partnership. Take turns driving during long distance car trips. Alternate driving after a set amount of miles based upon the total distance of the trip. Or, try rotating the driving responsibility after a certain amount of time based upon the predicted travel time. Check in with the current driver often to ensure that he or she is feeling fine about continuing with driving. Just by alternating the responsibility of driving, travelers can prevent drowsy or fatigued driving and improve safety while on the road.

Keep these considerations in mind as you plan your next car trip. You want to enjoy your trip on the open road, not rehab a sore body or aching back. Make it a comfortable and enjoyable trip from beginning to end.

Author: Mike