How To Prepare Your Motorcycle for Fall Weather

Fall is a beautiful season for testing out the perks of your vehicle if you’re a motorcycle aficionado. While the open road may not be as crisp and clean as it is in the summer, but it does offer a refreshing breeze to keep you cool down while you drive around the town.

Despite the beauty and refreshing feeling of it all, the season does present some dangers. Leaves often fill the streets, making visibility a more complicated matter, and harsher weather does tend to appear without much warning.

That’s why it’s essential to ready your motorcycle for whatever extremes the season may have in store for you. Here are four ways you can get a head start on this preparation process and how to go about it in the most efficient manner.

These tips are designed to help keep seasoned motorcycle enthusiasts safe. Alternatively, they can assist you in buying a motorcycle if you’ve been eyeing certain vehicles but don’t know where to start.

If you’re looking for Yamaha motorcycles for sale it’s important to do your research regarding safety measures; the market is quickly becoming saturated with more and more models every year. As interest in motorcycles increases, the more details you’ll need to look out for at your local automotive shop.

Prepared for the Unexpected

Given that roads will be more difficult to navigate in the fall, it’s harder to brake. It’s essential to stay alert and ensure that both brakes are working. Animals, for example, are very unpredictable and can appear out of nowhere in an instant.

If you encounter an animal hurrying to prepare itself for the cooler weather, be sure to slow down as soon as possible. Having a functional horn is also very helpful in this regard.

Additionally, using both brakes is good when a larger animal such as a deer suddenly jumps in front of you. Having a well-cared-for emergency brake (i.e. using both front and rear brakes simultaneously) is always called for in fast-paced situations like this.

Volume Correlates to Safety

If you can’t hear the mechanical movements of your fellow drivers, the road simply isn’t as safe as it could be. Be sure to be riding a motorcycle that emits an appropriate sound level. If you feel as though your eardrums are being pummelled, that’s likely how other drivers feel too. If you need a new muffler, make sure that’s taken care of, for everyone’s sake.

Comfort Matters – Make Sure Your Seat is Right For You

Because things may get a little bumpier in autumn, it’s important to have a comfortable ride for your unique body type. If your motorcycle needs a more suitable seat for you to feel safer and cozier, now is the time to make the switch to something more ergonomic. This is especially necessary if you plan on riding for long periods of time.

When shopping for a bike, it can be trickier to gauge just how comfortable a seat truly is, given that you’re only able to test it out for a short period of time. With that in mind, don’t beat yourself up for not having purchased the most comfortable motorcycle right off the bat – this is something that can be altered at a later point in time.

Discomfort can be distracting and ultimately detract from your safety while on a motorcycle. So, if you’re thinking about how bad your back hurts while riding on the highway, you may slip up or be less aware of your surroundings.

Be sure to take care of all of these things immediately so you can have an enjoyable autumn on your motorcycle.

Author: Brandon Park