How To Proceed Immediately After A Car Accident

Nobody plans on having a car accident that could change their lives for a short or long period of time. Injuries in a car accident make it that much more serious as cars can always be replaced. You don’t want to lose a job on account of not being able to perform due to the accident. The following are detailed instructions on what to do after an accident to protect yourself. 

Day Of The Accident

Make sure that you get your car to a safe location if possible. Get yourself to a safe location if you are able to move without pain. The last thing you want is to sustain injury again inside or outside of the car. 

Call the police after an accident as you want to make sure that you have an official police report. This will be important when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. Make sure the officers note who was at fault and they have been ticketed for documentation. 

Get medical attention if you think that you need it but remember you don’t have to take an ambulance if you do not want to. You can get a ride to the hospital if your injuries need treatment as ambulance rides can be expensive even for those with “good” insurance. 

The Next Day

Calling the insurance company once you have calmed down is going to be imperative. Calming down is important as you don’t want to say anything outside of the police report. Insurance companies are notorious for not paying out claims for admitting you were speeding or anything of that nature. 

Calling around to different attorneys for a consultation is important as details like fee structure can vary. A Greenville personal injury attorney or one that is licensed by the state bar association can allow you to recoup money for injuries, loss of wages, and emotional distress. 

Weeks/Months After The Accident

Getting all of your medical documentation together and keeping track of it is important. You want proof of injuries along with the steps you have taken to recover. Lawsuits take time especially when a settlement is not reached and it goes to trial then there is another appeal process. Insurance companies have massive legal budgets and can prolong cases for quite a long time. 

Dedication to rehab is going to be important if you are injured. You have to show that you are making an effort and might not be able to fully recover. Missing out on certain things you enjoy because of an injury you failed to rehab years ago. 

Seeking mental health help if you have been seriously injured is important as it can completely change your self-perception. This can help you cope so you don’t lash out at those around you that are just trying to help. An injury impacts the ones closest to you as they will be the ones tasked with helping you out in your time of need. 

Author: Doug