Is it Necessary to Buy Speaker Covers?

Speakers are elegant add-ons to your home entertainment systems. Many people want to install speakers in their living room and in their bedrooms or even bathrooms to enjoy music all the time. Many homeowners want to add value to their entertainment systems installed outdoors by having speakers at their patio, lawn, or backyard, etc.

Speakers are very sophisticated electronic systems, which on getting exposed to environmental elements like moisture, dust, heat, water, or so may get damaged very easily. Some people are not bothered about it, whereas others always keep their speaker systems clean and functional. It is ideal to consider good quality speaker covers for those who are planning to add a layer of protection to the speaker systems.

What is a speaker cover?

A typical speaker cover is a very simple design of a slip-on cover made of any material to protect the speaker unit. A good cover may protect speakers from any moisture and dust indoors. In outdoor installations, the cover should be of better quality and weatherproof to protect your speakers from harmful environmental elements like rain, UV rays, wind, snow, falling leaves, bird poops, surrounding wildlife, etc.

So, based on the requirement for indoor or outdoor use, you need to choose an appropriate material as speaker covers. For indoor use, you can use soft cotton, linen, or satin material for speaker covers. On getting speaker covers, you can also decide on the color and design of your choice to add to your interior home decor. However, you need to consider stronger materials like vinyl, PVC, or plastic covers for outdoor use.

Whatever speaker cover material you consider, make sure that it will not have any adverse impact on the speaker system’s sound effect. If your speaker cover tends to block the sound waves flow, then the sound output of your system may tamper. So, it is ideal for getting speaker covers with roll-on front covers, which you can keep up with while the speaker is into action and roll down for better protection when it is off.

Where to get speaker cover? 

While buying a speaker system itself, you may check any covering that comes with the speaker as offered by the manufacturer. This will be an ideal fit if you own a well-known brand and model of speaker. Otherwise, you can also search online at different e-commerce sites to see whether they are offering speaker covers that match your model’s dimensions.

If you do not find a custom-made speaker cover for your model, it is essential to know your speaker unit’s dimensions to get the best fitting cover. For this, you need to take a measuring tape and measure the length, width, and height of the speaker system and note it down. While searching online, you have to go to the product description and see the speaker’s dimensions out there to verify it with the original measurements you have in hand. Ordering a loose-fitting or tight-fitting speaker cover may ultimately e damage your unit instead of protecting it.

Author: Doug