Motorcycle Alarm: Anti-Theft Protection

Motorcycles and scooters are all the rage these days. Not only do motorcycles have sleek designs, but their slim build also makes commuting and traveling from one place to another so much easier.

Motorcycles, which have a high market demand due to their growing popularity, are also excellent investments that can help you improve your financial situation. Purchasing motorcycles can be a wise decision.

However, you are not the only one who recognizes their numerous advantages. With their slender and transportable frames, motorcycles thefts are very common.

Installing a motorcycle alarm on the vehicle is one way to keep hands away from your prized possession. Here are a few examples of how motorcycle alarms, such as the Monimoto motorcycle alarm, can protect you and your bike from theft:

Built-in 24/7 GPS Tracker

When you install an alarm system, it usually comes with a built-in 24/7 GPS tracking device. Motorcycle GPS trackers, like any other GPS tracker, can track your motorcycle’s location and notify you via the connected app on your phone.

Manufacturers have designed trackers to conceal these devices from prying eyes in order to prevent tampering. They have small structures and are wireless, allowing them to be easily hidden.

Silent and Loud Alarms

The essence of motorcycle alarms is, of course, their alarm features. Depending on the setting, you could have either silent or loud alarms set, depending on your preferences.

When your motorcycle detects a suspicious movement, you can set silent alarms to not alert the burglar. Instead, the motorcycle alarm alerts and informs you directly via a notification ping, a message, or a call directly connected to your mobile device.

Before the thief flees the robbery scene and realizes you are aware of his misdeed, you may have enough time to see and stop the thief in real-time and even notify the authorities for a burglar report.

Meanwhile, loud alarms have been set, with the intention of your notice producing a loud blaring sound similar to a siren. The loud wails could alert any nearby people to an attempted robbery and prevent the thief from stealing your bike.

If you happen to be nearby, you might be able to hear the sirens and stop the robbery on your own. The high and loud wailing may also scare the robber away, preventing them from stealing your bike.

Key Fobs

Some alarm systems are motion-sensitive. As a result, they were oblivious to the fact that you, the owner, were moving the bike. As a result, most alarm systems include key fobs to differentiate you from a potential robber.

To avoid the embarrassment of a loud siren, keep your key fob with you to alert your alarm that you are nearby.

Motorcycle thefts are on the rise, especially with the market’s increased demand. Motorcycles have always been easier to steal than vehicles. As a result, it’s worthwhile to invest in peace of mind in order to keep your bike safe.

Security devices are only one piece of the puzzle. However, chains and locks are always easy to tinker with, especially in the hands of experienced robbers. An alarm that allows you to prevent thefts before they happen is essential for protecting your motorcycle.

With all of the features mentioned above, an alarm system may be your best bet for anti-theft protection.

Author: Brandon Park