Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident

You are driving on the road when suddenly you get hit by another car from behind. You both get out of your vehicles, assess the damage, and determine it’s not of any significant concern. You then agree not to involve any authority, exchange contact details, and proceed with your regular life. 

After some time, you start experiencing back and body pain. You then realize you need money to seek medical attention. You also lose your income as you spend days receiving and adhering to the medical provisions. 

You consider your options for compensation only to hit a dead end. You have no evidence for your claims and no witnesses for the accident. It somehow hits you how much you messed up. To avoid all the ordeal, you need a personal injury lawyer after a minor car accident. 

What to do after a minor car accident

Whatever you do after a minor car accident determines how easy you have it later on. The first action immediately after the accident is to report to the police. The law requires everyone to report all cases of road accidents. The police will help you assess the damage and collect a statement. 

The next step is to contact medical care. You are likely to seem okay in the initial stages after a minor car accident. At this point, the body produces too much adrenaline making you feel no pain. It’s only later on that you will realize the actual impact of the accident on your body. 

Seek medical help whether you are feeling okay or injured. It’s the physician’s assessment that will determine if you are good to proceed with the other activities. 

Lastly, seek compensation. Determine the various costs you spend on car repairs, medical care, and other aspects, then seek compensation from the liable party’s insurance company. 

When should you hire a lawyer after a minor car accident? 

A minor car accident is a small issue you can clear between you and the insurance company in most cases. However, there are times you must involve a car accident attorney. These cases include; 

·         unrightful compensation 

While you deserve compensation after a car accident, it’s not always when the insurance company will offer the right amount. As a business, the insurance company will always look out for its interests first. It will pressure you into settling immediately after the accident before determining the actual losses. 

The insurance company can even threaten to forfeit the whole amount if you fail to comply. However, accepting the offer can be detrimental. You won’t get any other payment even when you later realize you deserved more. 

Do not succumb to the pressure and tricks from the insurance company. Instead, contact Grand Junction personal injury to fight for you. The lawyer will evaluate all the damages then seek the rightful compensation. They are even willing to file a lawsuit to ensure you get the amount you deserve. 

·         When you disagree on liability 

No matter how wrong a driver is, it’s never easy to accept liability. The insurance company directs the drivers not to accept liability to avoid having to pay. You might also find it hard to prove liability.

You don’t have to worry when you work with a lawyer. The lawyer understands all the road regulations. They also have experience in evidence collection to prove fault. 

·          The other party sues 

As much as you might feel you are right, the other party wouldn’t feel the same. They can then seek legal redress. Let a lawyer help you through the lawsuit for chances of winning. 

Bottom Line 

Before you leave a scene of a minor car accident, understand all the possible repercussions. While it seems convenient to walk away without informing anyone, it’s never the right choice. Contact a personal injury to ensure you get the rightful compensation. 

Author: Brandon Park