Personal Life of David Todua

Despite his fame the singer remains an exemplary family man and does not give reasons for jealousy.

David Todua rarely attends social events, he spends all his free time with his family. In his new interview he decided to talk about himself and his lifestyle.

Ways to resolve conflicts

In the world of show business there are always many conflicts and the success of a music career depends on the ability to resolve them. The singer tries in every possible way to avoid quarrels in the groups with which he works. Moreover, he acts as a kind of buffer in conflict situations. After all, it is important for David that no rumors arise, he immediately clarifies unsatisfactory moments.

About forgiveness

In the past David had a serious conflict with his father regarding his choice of a music career. Now their relationships have improved, because they were able to forgive each other and reconcile with each other. In general, David is a rather open person and does not hold a grudge for a long time. This is probably why people are drawn to him.

About depression

Friends find David as a rather benevolent person. He always charges everyone with positivity and energy. Although, due to health problems he periodically had depression. After a long period of rehabilitation he was again fit thanks to his favourite work. He advises everyone not to give up and change their lives.

About David Todua’s diet

David faced the consequences of depression. He gained significant weight and it isn’t acceptable for a public person. Therefore, he had to go on a diet and his wife supported him. Both of them now go in for sport and prepare healthy meals.

About humor

David loves humor and makes funny jokes himself. He believes jokes should be appropriate for the situation. Humor ends where it offends other people’s feelings.Sometimes David even attended concerts of contemporary Russian comedians. One of the recent events he attended was Ruslan Bely’s stand up.

About jealousy of the wife and gifts of fans

According to David Todua his wife is not jealous of his fans. She understands that this is his job. She is glad when her husband’s songs are admired. Moreover, David never gave any reason for jealousy.

About future fatherhood

Until recently music was a priority in David’s life. After buying their own house, they began to think about expanding in the family. Soon the news of a happy addition to the family can be expected from the couple.

About the favorite style and studio Milton Group

In everyday life he prefers a casual style. The scene requires costumes and bright images. His favorite art studio Milton Group helps him in this regard. The company’s specialists will advise on all possible issues and guide you in the wide range of clothes. Milton Group knows how to emphasize individuality with clothes or special cuts. They bring to life the ideas and desires of their clients of any complexity.

In Milton Group all products are of high quality, costumes are worn for a long time despite frequent tours. Additionally, the studio offers repair and cleaning services.

About the attitude to plastic surgery in show business

According to David, beauty is not the main thing in life. Beauty doesn’t last forever. Of course, if a person feels uncomfortable with her appearance, then she can change it. But in everything there should be a measure.

David Todua is a fairly well-known singer and composer in Russian show business. Participation in television projects brought him even greater fame. All this provoked public interest in the singer’s personal life, so this article will help you get to know him better.Source:

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