Saving a Little Money on Air Travel in 2022

How to Get a Cheap Airport Parking Space
Airport parking may be rather pricey. Some airports charge $30 or more per day for parking, and I doubt you’ll find one that doesn’t charge for the pleasure of parking your vehicle.

Here are the most effective methods for saving money on airport parking. If you have any more tips, please share them in the comments area below.

Apps for Parking

More parking applications are being created to assist you in finding methods to save money on parking. Parkos is a comparison and booking website for economical and secure airport parking in the United States, Raleigh airport parking and nearby countries.

Make Use of Public Transportation

If you reside in a city with adequate public transit, this is a wonderful option to save money on airport parking. As an extra plus, you’ll be helping the environment.

Bus, light rail, and subway lines link to airports in many cities throughout the globe. These city designers appreciate the importance of getting people in and out swiftly without cluttering the roadways with needless automobiles.

Even Los Angeles, a city that values (and identifies with) automobiles, is constructing a transportation hub at LAX that will be linked to the city’s Metrolink subway system.

The greatest part is that most public transportation to the airport costs less than $10 per person.


Although it may appear counterintuitive to have more cars driving into and out of the airport, ridesharing is an effective way to reduce congestion (when done properly) because the cars that are dropping off one set of travelers are well-positioned to take another set of travelers out of the airport, reducing the environmental impact.

If you haven’t already tried Uber or Lyft, utilize our referral links to save money on your initial trips.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to ridesharing is that rates may skyrocket during “surge” pricing (when demand is really high). And if you live a long distance from the airport, the expense of the journey might be rather considerable.

Vans for Sharing Rides

I used to use shared transportation vans when I was younger. This was before Uber and Lyft existed. You saved money, but you had to share the van with a group of other passengers.

If you were the last one to be dropped off, God help you. A 30-minute drive from the airport might become a 2-hour “adventure” (just like nails on a blackboard is music).

Shared ride vans charge per passenger, so if you’re going with four or more people, your savings may not be as significant as you think. And that’s before you consider the worth of your time. As you may have guessed, I’m not a fan of shared transportation vans as a method to save money on airport parking.

Hotel Stays for “Park and Fly”

Booking a hotel the night before is one of my favorite strategies to save money on airport parking. When we have an early morning flight, we always employ this method.

Hotels have entered the fray in order to enhance hotel occupancy and fill vacant parking spots. The “park and fly” concept works as follows: reserve a stay at the hotel and then leave your vehicle at the hotel for a certain number of days for one cheap payment.

Just be sure to perform some preliminary research about the parking garage before making a reservation.

You don’t want one that is too distant from the airport or doesn’t provide a regular shuttle service. Saving a few dollars isn’t worth missing your flight, being hurried through security, or lingering in the cold after a long travel home, wondering when the airport parking shuttle would finally come.

Rides provided by friends or relatives

Although I am not generally a fan of this choice, it is a great method to save money on airport parking. When someone offers you this kind of favor (particularly for early morning or late night flights), you may find up owing them a lot… and who knows what favor they’ll ask for in return.

Aside from that, I believe this is a waste of time and gas for the person sending you off since they will be making two journeys to the airport for your vacation (one round-trip to drop you off and another round-trip to pick you up). Extremely inefficient and wasteful.

Final Thoughts

In 2022, saving money on air travel can be achieved by being flexible with travel dates, booking in advance, and searching for the best deals. Another way to save money and potentially fund your next trip is by engaging in online arbitrage, such as flipping items on Amazon. By utilizing eBay to Amazon arbitrage strategies, you can find heavily discounted items on eBay and sell them for a profit on Amazon. eBay flips and eBay arbitrage can be made even more efficient and profitable with the help of eBay arbitrage software. By learning how to flip on eBay and mastering eBay Amazon arbitrage techniques, you can earn extra income to put towards your air travel expenses. For the best results, consider using Amazon to eBay arbitrage software to streamline the process and maximize your profits.

One of the things I appreciate most about most of these suggestions for saving money on airport parking is that they minimize the need for parking garages, allowing airports and nearby businesses to reuse the area to give more value to tourists.

Author: Brandon Park