TF2 Trading Tips for Beginners

Trading has been a massive and vital part when playing Team Fortress 2. With its increasing popularity, it has been considered the backbone of the game. Trading is a system that allows players to exchange items with other players. Items with their individual values are being traded in the game, like weapons, hats, and metals. 

If you’re a beginner and still not familiar with how TF2 trading works, here are some tips that you can use as a guideline; 

Scrap Banking 

One of the most common trading systems in Team Fortress 2, scrap banking works by selling your in-stock weapons for one scrap each. People will then trade that weapon with two craftable weapons. This process has no limitations, and you can do it as often as you want until you reach your goal of obtaining enough metal in your inventory. Just take note, craftable items are what you’ll need here, which is the most important part of this process. 

Use trading websites. 

There are tons of trading websites for Team Fortress 2, and these are used to sell items. Players usually use these channels for faster and efficient transactions as they can still play while trading. Since there are multiple websites available for this type of activity, make sure that you only sell or buy items on reliable TF2 trading sites to avoid scams. Remember, some fraudsters take advantage of traders. So, do your legit check and read reviews for more assurance.

Aside from that, some players would usually ask if they can trade items with cash. In most cases, only a few websites support cash trading since the most recommended form of trading is item to item. 

Always check out major updates. 

During updates, new weapons and hats will be released. This means the old ones become tradeable since most of their prices will drop. Promotional items will be available for trade as well. However, don’t get too excited and overwhelmed to get them instantly since there’s a possibility that you can still get them for a cheaper deal after a few weeks. Make sure to invest in special keys, too, as they’re handy in the game and more salable than the normal ones. 


Spycrabbing is a term used for gambling in TF2. Two participants of the game will change to the Spy Class and pull out their disguise kits and taunt. You should do this at your own risk. One technique for this is to sell an item for a low amount, so you won’t have a huge loss if you fail. Before starting, make sure that guidelines are set and approved by all participants. 

Final Words 

Trading is very popular when playing Team Fortress 2. There are times when players spend hours trading rather than playing the game itself. Selling and trading is a way for players to upgrade their items and get good deals. So, if you have just started your journey in playing Team Fortress 2 and are interested in how this trading system works, just use the methods mentioned above and familiarize yourself with every procedure. 

Author: Brandon Park