The benefits of having a home EV charger

If you have made the wise decision to move to drive an electric vehicle (EV), then you can feel proud of your choice. At the same time, many EV owners find they need more time to be able to move forward. Why? Because of geography. If you live in an urban area with high development toward renewables, finding an EV charge spot should not be difficult. If you live rurally or in an area without the same high levels of renewables uptake, though, you could find it hard to get your vehicle charged.

That being the case, you should consider installing a home EV charger. If you want to know more about their benefits, then read on. Also, you can find more on the topic and the chargers available if you read this EV charger page. What are the benefits of having a home EV charger installed, though?

Avoid leaving home without enough juice

Few things are more annoying than a trip delayed because your car ran out of energy mid-journey. This can happen due to not charging up enough before you come home or needing help finding a charging station close enough to home. With a home EV charger, you can power your vehicle up at night. This is very useful as it means you can make your journey without cutting out mid-trip again.

Install right into your driveway

Many assume that EV chargers at home require immense work to have installed at home. Most of them can be installed into your driveway. This can make it quick and easy to get the charger installed. You can find many great options online that can be fitted.

However, you should always check beforehand regarding planning permission concerns. Make sure that you are allowed to install such a fitting, as many properties will require planning permission to go through with EV charger installation. Check with your local authority, but once you have permission, this can be an excellent way to self-charge your vehicle. 

You can save and earn

While this should not be your primary aim, you can save and earn money by using an EV charger from home. How so? Because you can charge your vehicle during off-peak hours, it costs you less per charge. You can rent your EV charger using a peer-to-peer charging scheme. While this means you must let others (often strangers) use your charge point, it can be a nice side earner.

Make your home more attractive

As EVs become more and more popular, homes with a charge point installed already will be considered ideal for EV drivers. Anyone buying into your home in the future which has an EV will likely be happy to pay a bit more if you already have the fitting installed. That can make it easier to fetch the best possible price for your home – all without making any changes you dislike and/or do not need.

Keep an eye on your car

EV charging takes a while – you are not going to be plugged up and charged in minutes. It can take hours. This means either hanging around a charging station while you power up or leaving your car to charge while you go for a walk. This means that you could be waiting around until dusk to get charged. At home, you can simply park your car on the driveway, plug in the EV charger, and enjoy your evening as you would normally. Simple!

There are many benefits to installing a home EV charger. The above gives you a good idea of why this would be an investment you should consider making. Take a look today, and you can see more about this important process.

Author: Brandon Park