Use of Video Technology to Improve Automotive Safety

With the advance of modern technologies, everything around us has been changed. From communication means to fleet safety – innovative video technologies have considerably simplified our lives. Vehicle makers keep working to reduce car accidents and make a driving experience much safer. That is why you will need to get your car equipped with the novelties that employ video systems. If you are going to upgrade your car, make sure you choose the one that includes the leading-edge tools. Although technology will continue to develop, this article outlines the top 5 options that currently earn a decent spot in the modern market.

What Role Do Video Technologies Play in Fleet Safety?

The global automotive industry has made a giant leap forward to develop well-elaborated methods of effective, safe, and reliable driving. The majority of safety features use a broad range of sensors. Some of them employ microwaves, accelerometers, while others use infrared light and motion detection. Recently, more manufactures include video processing algorithms. It allows for bringing road safety to the whole next level. Familiarize yourself with the best 5 video technologies. Feel free to include them in your daily driving routine to protect your life. 

Transparent Hood

The transparent hood feature has vast popularity among users. It allows the driver to observe the area under the hood and terrain. It is also possible to examine the obstacles that would otherwise be invisible. This technology emulates the “human vision” systems. Thus, the driver can see the surrounding area and have a clear view under the vehicle. The system is made of 4 satellite cameras and a digital control device. All the images are delivered to a display. Such innovation lets you see more obstacles on the road and prevent accidents. Although it is a relatively new feature, more and more drivers install the transparent hood in their cars. The combination of a human vision system and the newest computer engineering opens new horizons for improving safety on the road. Check out EastWest SVC if you are looking for high speed cameras in Malaysia.

Continental's 'Transparent Hood' wins innovation award | Fleet Europe


Contact Sensor System (CoSSy)

This is another innovative feature that has recently hit the automotive industry. CoSSy identifies the interaction between a car and an object when being at lower speeds. This system especially comes in handy during the parking process. It helps avoid crashes with different objects. It is possible to take advantage of CoSSy audio recording to predict a collision at reduced speed. Thus, the driver can instantly stop a car in case of danger. 

Once your car has a CoSSy sensor, you can easily get to know about scratching activities and parking bumps. Such systems also employ useful features such as the ability to recognize the conditions on the road, identify a person by voice, and detect approaching cars.

Correction: New Continental auto sensors could detect low-speed impacts -  Repairer Driven NewsRepairer Driven News


Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control has been available on the market since the 1950s. Recently, specialists have upgraded it to adaptive cruise control. This feature enables tracking the cars positioned in relation to your car. It detects the most appropriate distance between the cars. Also, the system tells the driver when it is necessary to slow down or speed up a vehicle. Based on numerous researches, this technology helps avoid more than 12,000 car accidents annually. Aside from improving safety, adaptive cruise control helps ease stress during the driving journey. It enables automatic speed control and maintains a minimum distance to the preceding car. It is possible to install a multi-purpose camera along with a radar sensor. This can help to enhance the comfort and safety of a driver. Check out other methods to boost road safety and read useful expert tips and hacks. 

Adaptive cruise control for passenger cars


Dash Camera

A dashcam is a must have tool for a car owner. It is designed to record road accidents to support evidence. Also, it helps determine whether a driver was involved in a car accident or was just an eyewitness. A dash camera is easily mounted on a windshield and records the activity when a vehicle is running. The device includes an SD card that stores the necessary recordings. Thus, you can transfer the videos to your computer for publication or storage. It is also possible to cut out or accentuate the scenes with the video editing software. If you are on the lookout for a simple but feature-rich program to tweak your dash camera videos, you can try Movavi multimedia software. Check out their official website, and you will definitely find a product for your needs. 

Garmin Dash Cam™ Mini | DashCams


Safety Domain Control Unit (SDCU)

This system is intended for advanced applications to eliminate the risk of crashes. The bragging point of this system is that it gathers info from sophisticated environment sensors. Thus, it is possible to assess the seriousness of an accident before it happens. The system can respond more quickly, so it better protects passengers and vulnerable road users. The SDCU can serve as a backup level to bring a car into a safe state in case of a basic automatic features failure. 

Due to the high bandwidth communication interfaces, which enable the necessary data exchange, it serves as an electronic node of the vehicle network. The SDCU is based on the modular safety platform SPEED. This enables efficient development based on the requirements of automobile manufacturers worldwide. The SPEED platform offers a high degree of flexibility and numerous integration options. To find out how to avoid car accidents, you can learn more about automotive safety heading in the short and medium term.

V2X connectivity control unit


Final Word

The cutting-edge technological innovations have completely changed the way divers imagined safety tools. With the help of video technologies, you can predict and avoid car accidents. The above-mentioned fleet safety systems are just a few options the modern market offers. Choose the most suitable one and have a safe driving experience. 

Author: Brandon Park