When Uber Passengers Go Bad Uber Plans To Block Passengers Who Fall Under Four Stars

Is Uber a part of your regular town hopping experience?  When you head out on a Friday night to party with your friends, do you rely on using this service or others like it to get home safely?  Do you remember to tip your driver well and behave in a civilized manner while you’re aboard? Then you may want to step up and pay attention to some of the changes that are coming down the pipeline about your favorite ride-share option.

Not All Passengers Rate The Same
All over the world companies like Uber and Lyft are changing the Taxi paradigm and providing excellent opportunities for passengers and drivers alike.  For passengers, it means there’s a convenient transportation service at affordable rates, and drivers benefit from having an income stream that works on their schedule and gives them the freedom to make their own hours while enjoying meeting new people.

Unfortunately, there are rotten eggs in any business venture, and when those bad eggs are passengers, the drivers get the option of rating them in the system.  For a long time, this practice was a way to give drivers the option to refuse a specific fare if they had a bad reputation, but changes are in the air. Instead of merely having a bad rating on Uber that limits how many drivers will pick them up, those who fall below four stars (meaning three stars or less) may just be blocked from the Uber system.

It’s About The Drivers
So why this sudden new change?  Doesn’t it hurt the drivers by reducing their available fares?  Surprisingly the answer to both cases is no. This change has been a long time coming and is based on feedback from drivers who are tired of having bad experiences with customers.  One of the benefits of essentially being independent contractors is the ability to set certain standards about who you will provide services to, and who you won’t. Uber drivers have spoken loud and clear to their management; they want to see these bad passengers banned from using Uber in the hopes it will result in a superior level of behavior from future clientele.

Starting As A Trickle, Will It Become A Raging River?
Currently, this practice is only being implemented in New Zealand and Australia, but if it’s successful in improving the driver experience there, you can pretty much guarantee it will be finding its way to the rest of the world in no time.  Situations like these, as well as accidents and other dangers of the job, have led to more drivers investing in lawyers knowledgeable in the unique concerns facing Uber drivers.  Want to avoid falling below a four-star rating?  Consider the following tips:

   • Be On Time To Your Pickup
   • Treat The Car With Respect, Don’t Damage It
   • Do The Same For Your Driver
   • Don’t Ask Your Driver To Break Laws Or Policies For You

These simple steps will ensure that you have a safe ride and keep being able to use your favorite ride-share option for those coveted Friday night soirees.  Remember to respect your driver and their ride, so you don’t lose your ability to travel with Uber!

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When Uber Passengers Go Bad Uber Plans To Block Passengers Who Fall Under Four Stars