Why Millennials Prefer To Buy Auto Parts Online

The millennials, also known as Generation Y, are individuals born in 1980-2000 and they are the first generation to have access to high-end technology. The way modern technology has impacted the decisions of millennials when it comes to their daily life necessity has also affected multiple industries, and one of those industries is the automotive industry. If you’ve ever wondered what the secret millennials have discovered from buying auto parts online than the traditional way, this article will inspire you to do the same.

Online research is the go-to

When millennials decide they want to buy anything whether it’s a small purchase such as a clothing item or a big purchase such as a home, they immediately use their phone to look it up.

The reason behind using an online search is the favorable method among millennials is the importance of comparing. They can look up different dealerships, different cars, and start comparing the prices, the features, and even read reviews from customers all in the comfort of their own home.

Studies have shown that 59% of millennials have shopped online for auto parts since 2018 and are continuing to grow.

The ability to customize their car

Studies have shown that millennials drive more than any other generation, so why not spend it in a car that was customized for your own personality?

Millennials drive 72% more than any other previous generation and the importance of personalizing their car is due to their care about the safety of driving as well as protecting themselves, their car, and others from accidents.

Millennials want to take control of choosing the interior of the car, not just the exterior. That includes the color of the interior, the material, and the added technology that works with their phone.

The importance of car technology 

Adding the right technology to make driving safe for them and their passengers is a major concern for millennials.

When millennials buy a new car or update their car, their biggest concern is improving the car’s software technology. That includes smartphone connectivity, blind spot detection, night vision, back-up cameras, and collision avoidance systems.

Millennials also view the ability of staying connected through receiving calls or texts and responding to them safely by not picking up your phone when your hand should be on the wheel as a very crucial necessity. 

The perks of online shopping

Shopping for auto parts online isn’t only beneficial to compare and find great deals by doing a search, it comes with a lot of freedom. 

The freedom of online shopping allows consumers to look for sellers who offer free shipping without having to worry to pick it up themselves, or saving the item until a major holiday sale comes along and it’s even cheaper.

Another benefit is having a history of purchases. Ever found yourself in a position where you get asked what kind of auto part it is, what model, what year, and when was it installed and you didn’t know the answer? That’s what millennials love about online shopping.

Having the history of their car as if the vehicle has its own medical record is the best way to become knowledgeable of the car and potentially avoid getting scammed by the car dealership.

The knowledge of their cars’ auto parts also enhances and improves the selling price if they ever decide to put it on the market. Listing the auto parts information and when it was installed greatly boosts the selling value of the vehicle and eases the buyer’s concerns about any auto parts that might break down or would need to be repaired.

Shopping online could also decrease the price of the auto parts due to online car parts store offering promo codes that could bring the original price down 20% or if they have a loyalty program that eventually becomes a major discount on an auto part.

Some online stores also offer private sellers that millennials can negotiate on price and shipping cost until they come up with a price that pleases both the sellers and the buyer.

The constant promotional ads for auto parts online

Brands and retailers have realized that the best way to generate sales is through doing ad campaigns online.

One of the main reasons millennials shop online for auto parts is due to the ads popping up on their social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

The younger consumer might have not thought of shopping for auto parts online until they see an ad offering a cheap price for a part they were considering buying.

Many auto parts retailers have also pushed their products through promotional messages on the radio and commercials on services such as YouTube.

Retailers are constantly thinking of new ways to promote their auto parts and finding ways to bring new customers to their site. The power of social media influencers have increased the sales for many online retailers including auto parts sites.

Millennials are skeptical

Back in the day salesmen were trusted by the public and believed their advice was for the consumer’s best interest, but nowadays millennials understand that sellers are just trying to sell and get bonuses.

Millennials buy auto parts online because it allows them to do extensive research before making an impulse purchase or feel pressured by the salesman to buy the auto part.

With the amount of information available to review online, millennials feel that they are obligated to be careful, examine, and inspect everything before making a decision.

Millennials also care about third-party sites reviews and third-party research to avoid marketing scams. Their skepticism is not cured by multiple 5 star reviews on the brands site or a third party site, millennials will only trust reviews that are honest and appear to be written by a real consumer.  


Millennials have found access to many great things online, and it’s their duty to find the best choice for themselves. Buying auto parts online for their vehicle is easier, less expensive, and offers multiple options to choose from.

Author: Brandon Park