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    New Study Reveals What You Really Make Driving for Uber

    Unfortunately, while numbers themselves never lie, the people who work with them can manipulate them to indicate things that they really don’t. Case in point is the recent study done by MIT for Lyft and Uber drivers — which, on the surface, seemed to indicate that the average wage for a Lyft or Uber driver […]

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    5 Reasons Why SUV’s Are Making a Comeback In 2018

    Every year, there are always new cars hitting the market that are ready to cater to its targeted driver. But one vehicle in particular that is currently trending is the SUV. It’s garnering attention for a reason! They’re multipurpose and an efficient choice for certain individuals and families. These are five reasons why SUV’s are […]

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    What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Used Car

    Purchasing a used car is a fantastic way of shrinking the cost of your vehicle as many new cars lose a lot of their value in the first 12 months (40%), especially if you are looking for car loans for bad credit. There are risks so it is definitely crucial to take as much time […]

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    12 life-saving tips for teenage drivers

    Many children dream of driving their parent’s car from the early age. And when a child gets old enough to be able to learn to drive, he or she does not fully realize what a responsible task it is. Driving is similar to fire essay writing as you will compose a text uniting words into […]

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    6 Benefits Of Airport Transfers

    While travelling, there are a number of things that must be taken care of and must be considered for making the stay more comfortable. A major aspect of the same is travelling past the airport. A lot of people prefer buses, trains and some even find it interesting to drive by themself by hiring a […]

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    Self-Driving Car Loophole Could Protect Car Companies from Legal Issues

    Self-driving vehicles are the wave of the future. Car manufacturers are focusing a large portion of their research and development efforts into the self-driving industry. Ride hail companies are also investing in self-driving vehicles with the hopes of operating their own fleets of self-driving taxis. And while this technology has the potential to lower the […]

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    5 Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

    Surprisingly few people understand the comprehensive nature of car crashes. Many fatalities are less a matter of bad luck and more an issue of preventable circumstances. In fact, there are several tidbits of knowledge that can aid you in the event of a car crash. Below, we’ve listed some little-known facts about automotive accidents that […]

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    New Croatian Electric Car Will Break Previous Speed Record

    Recently announced, the new electric roadster flabbergasted the electric car lovers with its remarkable characteristics: 2,300 ft-lbs of torque, zero to sixty in 1.9. Yet the Croatian car manufacturer Rimac was brave enough to introduce a new prototype in Geneva, which was claimed to be even faster than the current record holder among hypercars. The […]