Are Dealerships Open on Christmas Day?

Is all you want for Christmas a brand new or used car? Did you miss all the Black Friday deals and want to avoid shopping at the same time as everyone else?

There’s great news! Most dealerships are open on Christmas Day and are able to offer your great deals on vehicles without the hassle of large crowds. With end-of-year deals and part of the consumer base at home with family, Christmas could be the best day of the year for car shopping.

So why is Christmas Day the time to go car shopping? Come the end of the year, most dealerships are itching to get certain cars off the lot. The same occurs at the end of each month, because salespeople have to meet monthly quotas. The end of any month is always the time to buy. However, this is intensified at the end of December. On top of their regular monthly targets, there’s now an annual one that they have to consider. So, with the right bargaining, you could walk away with a great car for a low price.

Make some deals

Salespeople get a commission regardless of the sale, so you may be able to talk down certain charges that come along with the purchase of a car. Documentation or doc fees, though standard, vary in price among dealerships.

However, this is one of the prices you may be able to talk down. Another would be any warranty or optional charge that comes with the purchase of a used car. You can always say no to these, but you may want the security a warranty provides. If you can’t talk down the base price of the car, see if they’ll cut you a deal on the add-ons. Dealerships are also like ghost towns during the holiday season, so you’ll be able to swing some desperate sales individuals into low costs.

Try to get greener

A new year is coming, and you’re bound to have some resolutions. Starting with an energy-efficient car is good. And how do you fill that car? If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, you can use SeQuential biodiesel, a clean-burning alternative to diesel fuel.

Learn the facts

Aside from it being a holiday, you’ll want to treat this situation as a normal sale. Don’t go into the dealership without having done research.

You can definitely talk down the price of the car as long as you do your research ahead of time. Before visiting the dealership, see if you can find a history report on the car.

Every nick, bump or accident that car has been in is grounds for lowering the price. You can also look up the value of a vehicle on Kelly Blue Book based on the year, make, model and features of a car. These are all pieces of information you can use to argue the price of a car, especially when compared to other alike cars.

Seeing is believing

Another way to talk down the price of a vehicle is to take notes on what issues you see in person. Images online aren’t as telling as seeing things with your own eyes.

When you visit the dealership, make a note of everything you notice. If the engine sounds off, ask to get it inspected and use this information to potentially lower the cost. If you can easily smell that a smoker once drove this car, that, too, can reduce the overall price of the car.

Lastly, before braving the Christmas Day cold, do your research on the dealership itself. With social media and the internet, it’s easy to get scores and rates on dealerships from those who’ve worked with them.

Some dealerships are more trustworthy than others, with some trying to sell off poor vehicles for a high price. Going online and finding an award winning VW dealership to work with on finding your next car is better than visiting a dealership that regularly tries to sell flood cars.

Ultimately, Christmas Day will be a great time to visit a dealership without the competition of other consumers. Just make sure to do your research on the vehicles offered there and be prepared to bargain.

Author: Brandon Park