Best Covers For Outdoor Car Storage

Sometimes leaving your car outside is the only option. Having it continually exposed to the elements can pose a variety of problems, some more lasting and damaging than others.

Making sure you’ve got the best indoor and outdoor car covers is important to keep your ride looking and running its best. Here are a few different types that will help keep things cool and looking great no matter the weather.

1. Maximum Coverage

If you’re most concerned about keeping your vehicle looking like new, a complete car cover is your best bet. These wraps completely encase the exterior of your car to ensure that every part normally exposed to the elements is protected from harmful UV rays, rain and mildew.

Having a custom fitting model will ensure that all aspects of the vehicle are shrouded in fabric, including rearview mirrors that can remain exposed under tarps or loose-fitting cloth. These covers are made from very breathable material that keeps wetness out while letting moisture evaporate easily, too, keeping the damp far away from your prized possession.

2. Road Protection

There isn’t always time to unwrap your car in the morning, and not everyone has the energy to completely cover their car after work. In those cases, getting even a modicum of shielding is a good idea. That makes installing custom made car bras the perfect choice for limited protection.

Not only do car bras help keep your vehicle safe from debris and road hazards, but they do so without compromising the look of your car. In addition, without the need to remove the bra or front-end mask before hitting the road, you’ll never have to waste time, space or energy folding and storing a complete cover.

3. Shielding the Dash

Keeping your vehicle out in the sun can do some serious damage to your interior if you aren’t careful. Harmful ultraviolet rays will eat away at plastics and vinyl, dulling their color and creating a powdered residue over time. To combat this, look into custom fitting dashboard covers.

These covers create a fabric barrier that protects your dash from damage and also hides what discoloration might already exist. It’s both a quick fix as well as a safety measure that no car enthusiast should ignore.

4. Seat Security

Whether it’s from the sun’s rays, open windows or pet paws, your car seats go through a lot. Even easy-to-clean leather seats can go through wear and tear enough to make them look and feel far from comfortable. Housing your car outdoors only adds to the wear that the material goes through.

Custom fit seat covers are a great way to protect your seats from all forms of damage. When they’re designed to fit for your vehicle, you won’t even notice a difference. Don’t forget that adding seat covers will also hide any problems that the interior might currently have.

There are a lot of choices when looking to protect your car from harmful UV rays and destructive weather. Look for deals on these options and more at online stores to keep your pride and joy in the best condition possible!

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Best Covers For Outdoor Car Storage