Jeep, Suv and Truck Repair Expert Tips


Breakdowns are the factors of every vehicle that cannot be avoided. All these messes are more likely to take place in the worst possible time and in a barren place, where you can’t expect any assistance.

Due to unavoidable factors, you must keep yourself prepared. For further help, you can visit All American 4×4. Their expert team got some tips all ready for you. In the case of Jeep, Suv and Truck, some of the tips you should follow are given below.

Change the oil regularly:

Try to keep changing the oil of your car regularly. This tip is applicable not only to Jeep, Suv and truck but for all kinds of vehicles. Old engine oil may cause overheating and will be unable to lubricate the engine parts because too old engine oil will accumulate black sludge. 

These carbon deposits and other impure matters develop on valves and other parts of the engine. This may cause a permanent breakdown. 

So, regularly changing the engine oil creates a difference, as it maintains the health of the engine parts efficiently. Try to check your engine oil at least once every month.

Look after the cooling systems:

Often, we find people complaining about engine overheating. The problem may be in the cooling system of the car. 

Before leaving, check the cooling systems of the Truck, Suv or Jeep thoroughly. This situation occurs mostly when the level of the coolants in the engine falls down because of some uncertain leaks. The presence of engine coolant in the vehicle prevents the engine from getting overheated. 

Checking the coolant level when the engine is hot is strictly not recommended, because the engine block may be damaged because of hot or cold coolant. If the coolant gets colorless or if there is debris, take the car for repairs.

Check the air filter:

Before driving the car, check for the air filters. Every engine needs clean air to work efficiently, especially if the vehicle is Suv, Jeep or truck. Air filter makes sure that the air entering in the engine is clean and debris free. 

If the air-filters get dirty or clogged, then less or no air will be able to enter into the engine. Approximately, after every 5,000km, the filter needs to be changed. To choose the best air filter, one may go through the owner’s manual.

car air filter.jpg

Be prepared for the uncertainties:

Try to travel in a familiar route, as you will know what and where services are available. If a breakdown occurs, find a safe place to park your truck, until someone appears with help. If you can make it to the large repair shops where a bit more services are available. 

Keep the cell phone close to you and keep the emergency numbers saved. At night you may overlook potential problems, so try to check it during the daytime.


If the breakdown takes place on the road or highway, it is dangerous because of the moving traffic. Try to stay inside the vehicle until you get help. If it is a truck, it becomes more difficult. Find the largest area possible and turn on the flashers. 

Don’t park the vehicle in the turning points. Set up the flares to alert the other passers about the breakdown. Open the hood and fix the problem if you can. 


You cannot always expect your vehicle to run thoroughly. Better stay prepared both mentally and physically. The best is to go for a check-up before the ride and as well as, after returning from. Keep the necessary tools handy while travelling.

If possible, keep a friend or any helping person beside you, while you will be looking for the vehicle, he or she may go out asking for local help.

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Jeep, Suv and Truck Repair Expert Tips