Tips for Boosting Your Car’s Fuel Economy

Finally, you are a car owner. Well, that’s a big step in life. You will be a regular road user. You will move from one place to another without any difficulties. However, that’s another expense in life. You will need, among other things, to regularly maintain your car and fuel it. Plus, the fuel isn’t cheap. According to various reports, the cost of fuel isn’t expected to go down any time soon. So, what does this mean? It means you need to adopt strategies that can boost your car’s fuel economy. So, don’t let the cost of fuel limit your joy as far as using your car is concerned. Here are the top tips that can help you boost your car’s fuel economy.

Checking the Gas Cap

If your vehicle has broken or missing caps, it’s time you consider replacing them as they significantly reduce gas mileage. Plus, they allow harmful fume to escape to the environment contributing to smog.  It’s extremely simple to fix and won’t cost you so much.

Front-End Alignment

Driving over potholes can easily throw your car’s wheel alignment out of whack. And this might cause the tires to wear out more quickly and also force the engine to work harder. This, in turn, reduces gas mileage by over 10%. So, if you realize that your car is pulling to one side, take it for an alignment immediately.

Select the Best Motor Oil

Always ensure that the crankcase is filled with motor oil featuring the thinnest-viscosity. For instance, if your car is currently running on 5W-30-grade oil, changing to 10W-30could reduce its fuel economy by about 2 percent. Remember, Chevy Silverado’s gas mileage is highly dependent on the motor oil you choose. 

Consider Cleaning Out the Trunk

Reducing a vehicle’s weight is the simplest way to improve its fuel economy. So, get the junk out of the trunk, because carrying an extra 100 pounds of cargo can raise your car’s energy consumption by 1 to 2 percent.

The Engine at Idle Should Be Turned Off

One of the most effective ways to save gas is to turn off your vehicle’s engine at idle. Typically, an idling vehicle gets zero miles per gallon, and that’s the reason why most of today’s vehicles are equipped with stop/start systems that accomplish this task automatically. So, avoid “warming up” your car before driving- it wastes a lot of fuel.

Drive Smoothly

Of course, you don’t want to be one of those motorists who drive at a snail’s pace on the highway. But it’s always advisable to drive smoothly. For every five lesser miles per hour, you can significantly cut down your car’s fuel consumption. For instance, driving at 65 mph instead of 70 can reduce the amount of fuel consumed by 7 percent.

The Bottom-Line

Fuel economy is a fundamental aspect of owning a car—especially if you are under a tight budget. Plus, money is hard to come by. That’s why you need the best strategies to optimize the fuel usage of your car. The above information contains the tops tips that will help you use fuel economically.

Author: Brandon Park