What You Need To Know If You Have Been Charged or Pulled Over For A DUI

Everybody understands that drinking and driving can land you in jail. Avoiding this situation is the best thing that can be done but if you find yourself in a position of being tested or investigated for a DUI it is best to have knowledge about what can happen. Having this knowledge can allow you to retain your driver’s license or have charges dropped later if you have been arrested. Being pulled over for this just means that you made a mistake but it does not make you a bad person. The following are tips for those that have been charged or pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence.

You Are Not Presumed Guilty

Being pulled over does not mean that you should panic if you had a few drinks hours earlier as you are innocent until proven guilty. Answer questions the officer has and do not provide extraneous details. People who are inebriated tend to over explain simple things so keep it to the need to know details only. Police are much more likely to work with you if you are friendly versus abusive. Whether you have had a drink or not do not admit to it as at times this can lead to the officer asking you to submit for a series of sobriety tests.

Refusing The Tests Does Not Mean You Cannot Drive To Work

Police officers do not have to tell you the truth when you are being investigated regardless of how obscene that this might seem. Refusing the tests can result in your license being suspended but a majority of states have a “hardship” or work only license. The fear of not being able to make it to work can result in an individual submitting to testing in the hopes that they pass. Do not allow the police to intimidate you to submit to testing but if you have not been drinking submit to the breathalyzer.

Practice Prevention

The best thing that you can do if you are going to drink any amount of alcohol is have a sober driver. There is a chance that none of your friends want to go to an event sober, this is what apps like Lyft and Uber are for! Take the time to evaluate if you are actually only going to have one drink or if that one drink can turn into multiple as people start to feel the effects of the alcohol.

If Charged Immediately Find Legal Representation

If you are arrested and charged with DUI you need to find a DUI attorney versus a general criminal law attorney. This legal representation can help get the case thrown out if you were pulled over for insufficient reasons. Filing for a hardship license and filling outpaperwork have time limitations that might be too tight for a person unfamiliar with law to complete.

DUI charges are filed daily with some being deserved while others could be from officer or equipment error. Make sure you know your rights and the next steps to take.

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What You Need To Know If You Have Been Charged or Pulled Over For A DUI