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    Vaping for Beginners: The Top Tips You Need to Look Like a Pro

    9 million people in the United States vape regularly. That might not seem like a huge number but it’s one that’s growing as more people migrate away from cigarettes. Whether you’re transitioning from tobacco smoke or you’re starting clean with vaping, the hobby can be intimidating for first-time users. Fortunately, vaping is pretty straight forward. […]

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    5 Most Expensive Vape Products Anywhere

    Are you interested in buying a vape? Vaping has become a massively popular hobby in youth culture with the likes of Juul being widely available. Vaping can be used to quit cigarettes and as a form of smoking marijuana.  Vapes can get quite expensive depending on what you’re getting, but there’s a lot of customization […]

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    RVing for Beginners: What to Know Before You Buy

    Honey! Look at this one! This RV is perfect. The kids could have this back area — oh wait, what about this one? Whether you’re looking to go full-time RV or you’re looking for a weekend RV, it’s not unlikely that your head is swirling with ideas and questions as to how this RVing for […]

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    Clever Ways to Make Parking Painless

    Not many of us are fortunate to find parking space wherever we go. A lot of times, the only place where we are guaranteed a parking spot is where we live. What happens when you move to a new neighborhood or when you travel to an unfamiliar town and you have to find parking? The […]

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    Do You Need a DWI Lawyer?

    There are plenty of traffic violations and instances where a lawyer is not needed, but a DWI or DUI does not fall into that jurisdiction. If you have found yourself being accused of a DWI, you should be looking for a DWI lawyer to represent you as soon as you can. A DWI can lead […]

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    Why Your Next Vehicle Should Be A Car Lease

    Leasing a car is one of those hotly debated topics. Is it worth it? Does it really save money? While some argue that buying a car outright or on finance is the only way to go, the reality is that leasing a car is the best available option for a lot of people, and it […]

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    5 Reasons Why You Need To Take A North Carolina Practice Permit Test

    There are many things you can do to get ready for taking your North Carolina permit DMV test, from studying the North Carolina DMV driver’s manual to getting plenty of experience behind the wheel. But one more thing that you should do in order to get ready for your permit test will be to take […]

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    Riding in Style: The 10 Must-Have Car Gadgets of 2019

    Automotive technology has been evolving, and there is still a lot to come. These days, it is easier to make your ride safer, exciting, and more enjoyable than before. Car accessories and gadgets are exciting to use.  You also don’t need to buy a new car since you have the opportunity to experience the best […]

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    Top 5 Auto Mechanic Jobs – Hire a Student and Be Happy!

    If you are interested in working with your own hands consider working at an auto mechanic job while in college. Being a mechanic is a prolific opportunity to learn the workings of machinery and to get paid. Statistics show that the number of utilized vehicles continues to grow steadily, so the demand for entry-level auto […]