At the Car Wash: 10 Quick Car Washing Tips


How many times have you postponed washing your car? You know the trash is piling up, and it’s starting to become an eyesore, but cleaning the car can be such a chore. However, to prevent minor wear and tear, and to keep it looking good at all times, your car needs a good cleaning once in a while.

The thing is, washing your car can be fun, especially in the summer. If you can, get a friend, then follow the car washing tips we’re about to give you to make the process easy and effective.

1. Choose the Right Location

Where you wash your car is very important and will play a significant role in how well you do it. For starters, ample space to move around while cleaning, and water drainage are vital. However, washing a car in direct sunlight is not recommended because the soap would dry too fast, and you wouldn’t get the chance to rinse it off thoroughly.

You may also not want to wash it under a tree where leaves and bird dropping may fall on your freshly cleaned car. Choose a shaded area where your hose will reach without any problems and where you won’t damage anything with water. These are the first car washing tips to remember.

2. Know What Supplies You Need

The cleaning supplies are equally as important, especially if you have a new car because old cleaning products will scratch the surface. Get some buckets, your car cleaning solutions, cleaning sponge, mitts, towels, and hose. Avoid using all-purpose household cleaners on your car as they may leave watermarks or damage the finish.

Ensure you read all the instructions or directions on the car cleaning solution you choose to ensure the water-solution ratio is correct. Fill one of the buckets with soapy water and the other with clean rinsing water.

3. Cleaning the Car

One of the most car cleaning tips and tricks you should know is that it’s important to start by rinsing the car to loosen all the dirt and make cleaning easy. Once that is done, start cleaning the roof and work your way down. The last place should be the back as it is usually the dirtiest area of the car.

When cleaning the car, remember to do it in sections, Avoid cleaning in circles as it could create scratches and clean by swiping up the sponge horizontally instead. Once you are done with one section, rinse it off before moving to the next one.

The problem with cleaning the whole car before rinsing is that the first areas will dry out, making it hard to rinse. Once you are done cleaning the surface, hose down the bottom of the car to prevent rust.

4. Clean the Windows and Glass

The first thing you should remember when cleaning your windscreen, windows, and glass is that standard and tinted glass should not be cleaned in the same way. Cleaning standard glass is quite straightforward, but cleaning tinted glass requires extra care to avoid damaging the film. Use soapy water and a soft cloth to clean and make sure you’re careful enough not to damage anything while cleaning the side mirrors.

5. Get Down to the Wheels

This will be the most time-consuming part of cleaning your car as tires accumulate the most dirt over time. Use a different cleaning sponge on the tires as they are rough and use a wheel cleaning solution as well.

Use a wheel brush on the openings to reach all the hidden dirt and grime. Once you are done, give your car a final hose down one more time without the nozzle, so the water runs down smoothly without leaving marks.

6. Dry the Car

Drying the car is an essential step because once all that water evaporates, it would leave watermarks on the surface, making it look really bad. The best way to dry your car is by using a microfiber cloth or a dry chamois.

Avoid using household towels as they are just not as absorbent. Once the car is completely dry, you can give it a polish or wax if necessary to give it that glossy and shiny look.

7. Cleaning the Interior

Now that the exterior is clean, we’ll share with you some interior car washing tips as well. To start with, you need to get rid of all the rubbish you may have in there and vacuum the whole interior. Get into the nook and crannies of the car, and especially underneath the seats where most of the crumbs, debris, and dust may be.

An electrostatic cloth will do wonders on the hard surfaces of the car, so wipe all the dust and dirt you can, reaching in the far corners and getting the vents as well. If you’re up to it, you may as well get down and clean the pedal and the car carpets as well.

8. Waxing the Car

If you’ve decided to wax the car, then ensure it is completely dry first. Some car waxes work well with wet surfaces, so check your wax of choice to understand the best way to use it. You don’t have to get the most expensive wax out there, but ensure that what you get is reliable and works for your car.

9. Finishing Touches

Now that you’re done cleaning both the interior and exterior of your car, step back and see if you like what you’ve done. If you feel you still haven’t attained that look you like so much, the next step is to polish it. You may even choose to use a tire shine to blacken the wheels and make them look new again.

10. Keeping the Car Clean

Now that you have followed all the car washing tips, maintaining it will make cleaning easier the next time. While it’s undoubtedly bound to get dirty again, you can take some pre-emptive actions to keep it clean for a longer period.

Always park your car away from trees or areas prone to bird droppings. If you can, avoid eating in the car to keep the interior clean and try to wipe off your shoes before you get in. The next question you may ask is, “How often should I wash my car?” and the answer to that is as often as you can.

Car Washing Tips 101: Wrapping It Up

Now that you have these useful car washing tips to guide you, washing your car can be quite easy. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that washing your car more frequently will lessen the work you have to do. Please check out our website for more insightful info.

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At the Car Wash: 10 Quick Car Washing Tips