The Best Wedding Gifts for Your Husband in 2021 You Must Know

When it comes to gifts, we all want to make sure that we get our significant other something special, but sometimes we run out of ideas and inspiration. This is especially true when we’re thinking about anniversary gifts, it can be difficult to think about a gift that he would love to receive that is as individual as he is. You don’t want to buy any old thing that will just be left at the bottom of the cupboard, but where do you start? This is where we come in, here are the best anniversary gift ideas for your husband.

Gentleman’s Shaving Set

Male grooming has come back into fashion in a big way, no longer is it a quick spray of deodorant and out you go, thankfully! Why not give your husband a gentleman’s shaving set? There is an array on the market that come in at different prices. You’ll be making sure that your husband always looks on point and he’ll be thankful for the upgraded razor!

Personalised Pajamas

Some days you’ll find that you don’t want to move off your sofa and that is absolutely ok, but make sure that your husband can relax in style. Why not get him his very own personalised PJ set? These items of lounge wear are super comfortable as they are made of jersey material with your husband’s initials embossed on the chest. Nothing says comfort quite like it.

Gilded Monogram Glasses

When it comes to having that Friday night wind-down drink, why not elevate your husbands’ style and move away from the outdated tumblers that have been doing the rounds for the last 5 years? A set of gilded monogram glasses will do just that! They are a stunning collection of glasses that can also be a real conversation starter. You may well love them so much that you may never actually drink out of them.

Card Wallet

Even though most of us have now moved over to paying for items on our phone, we do still need our cards on us, especially if our phones die. Why not upgrade your husband’s wallet game? A card wallet is an amazingly simple yet highly sophisticated gift that keeps all his important cards in one place. You can also spend as much or as little as you like on a purchase like this depending on your budget.


The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us, especially those of us who have been working from home. We’ve been putting in longer hours at our desks and have even taken up home workouts. This has resulted in more of us feeling pains in our muscles and general aches. A Theragun is your very own personal masseuse, it works by using procession to get out those aches and pains. The end result is that you feel limber and less like a piece of wood! Your husband and his muscle groups will thank you.

Bluetooth Speaker

Why not look at an indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker for your husband? These have come on a long way in the last few years and there are some models on the market that are drop proof and waterproof. They are also deigned to be super portable with extensive battery life! So, whether he’s working out in the garden or he wants to listen to his favourite podcast whilst he’s in the bath, this speaker can go everywhere with him.

A Leather Weekender

With restrictions lifting across the globe and being able to visits new locations, why not up his luggage game? We all need a decent weekend bag and we’re sure the one he’s got has seen better days. A leather weekender not only makes a statement, it will also last! Leather has an exceptionally high tolerance to air travel, spills and excessive heat and cool temperatures. They come in an array of colours and sizes and if you really want to push the boat out, you could even get it embossed with his initials. Once you purchase it, he isn’t going to need another one for a long while and we’re sure that he will love it.

Wrap Up

 You don’t need to panic about what anniversary gifts idea for husband this year, because our list just about covers all eventualities and budgets. Whether he is an avid music lover or podcast follower, why not look to invest in a portable indoor/out speaker? These have a long life and will bring him hours of joy. If this isn’t his cup of tea, why not opt for the male grooming kit? We’re sure that he’ll be thankful for the new razors and other grooming tools that come included in the gift bag! This year, get him a gift he’ll use and love.

Author: Brandon Park