Cars That Hold Their Value and Can Be Purchased Used


Some might say there’s nothing better than the rush of driving a brand new car off the lot. But then, there’s nothing worse than finding out that your car isn’t even worth a fraction of what you paid now it’s a few years old. 

That said, not all cars depreciate at the same rate. Cars that hold their value well often have a good reputation for safety, durability, and reliability, ensuring they appeal to buyers of used cars looking for a good deal. 

If you’re in the market for a used car yourself, it pays to know the cars that hold the most value in case you want to sell it on in the future. Keep reading to discover the top cars that hold their value 

GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra pickup truck regularly features in lists of the top 20 cars that hold their value. As you’ll see if you check out resale prices to find out more, a GMC Sierra retains an average of 60 percent of its original value. This is likely because pickups are a popular and growing vehicle segment, helping them keep their value high. 

Jeep Wrangler

Like pickup trucks, SUVs tend to hold their value better than cars. While it’s easy to find Jeep Wranglers for resale, they retain as much as 72 percent of their original value so you might need to look for a Wrangler that’s more than five years old if you want to keep costs down. 

Subaru Impreza

First launched in 1992, the Subaru Impreza holds as much as 58 percent of its value after five years. Although it’s one of the most affordable compact cars with all-wheel drive as standard, a new Impreza still retails at over $20,000. This makes buying used a great way to get hold of one of the best cars that hold their resale value for less. 

Toyota Tacoma

With such a strong reputation for reliability, durability, and value for money, it’s no surprise that Toyota is one of the car brands that hold their value best. The Toyota Tacoma, in particular, is a popular mid-sized pickup that retains almost 68 percent of its value after five years. 

Porsche 911

While most sports cars have a quick depreciation rate, the Porsche 911 is among the cars that hold the most value within the first five years and beyond. This is because there aren’t many used 911s for sale. So, if you’re lucky enough to find one, our advice is to make that bad boy yours, and fast!

Dodge Challenger

It’s no match for the Camaro or Mustang on the track, but the Dodge Challenger wins in the long run, maintaining around 60 percent of its retail value after five years. This makes Dodge’s two-door model a good used car purchase if you’re in the market for retro-style cars that hold the most value. 

Cars That Hold Their Value

If you’re in the market for used cars that hold their value, these options are among some of the best vehicles with the least depreciation over five years and beyond. 

That said, the used car market can be an unpredictable one. So, if you can find one of these cars for less than its average retention value, there’s even more reason for you to snap it up before someone else does!

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Author: Brandon Park