Planning a Road Trip? 5 things you should have in your Car

Dreaming up your next road trip destination? Sun’s out, bags out is what we say! As summer starts approaching, a road trip, with friends or family, sounds like a stellar idea. After all, you’re typically more in control when you travel by car since you can pack more of your essentials.

Whether you are heading out for an adventure with the kids or a girls’ only spa weekend, a road trip is the ultimate rite of passage for summer. Along with ensuring that you have the right music for your journey, road trips often involve essentials that can ensure that you are traveling both safely and comfortably.

But which essentials are needed? Here are 5 things you should have in your car if you are planning a road trip:

Car games to tide you over during delays and stopovers

Faced with the challenging prospect of a long road trip with kids? Then car games are your best friend. Car games can amuse the little ones and keep them preoccupied long enough to stop asking that ever annoying dreaded road trip question, ‘’how long till we there?

And car games aren’t just for kids. There are plenty of car games that are designed for adult fun. Car games such as I spy or 20 questions are ideal for the kids. However, if you are traveling with a group of friends and are in the market for something a bit more risqué, then Truth or Dare or While You Were Sleeping might be deemed more appropriate.

CBD oils

If you always get nervous when traveling long distances, then you should seriously consider giving CBD oils a shot. CBD or cannabidiol has sparked a lot of curiosity and interest over the past few years owing to its highly sought after effects and benefits. An extract that is derived from marijuana or hemp plants, those that have used CBD oils for an array of applications swear by it.

But let’s get things straight. Off the bat, you need to know that CBD and THC are quite different, in their impact as well as how they are used. Unlike THC which is the compound that’s responsible for getting your high, CBD is sourced from the non-intoxicating compound of the marijuana plant, which renders it free of ant psychoactive effects.

Where anxiety during travel is concerned, CBD is a potent agent that is often used for inducing a calming, soothing, and relaxing state. What’s so great about CBD is that it’s not just reserved for human use. CBD can also be a lifesaver when traveling with pets as it will keep them relaxed.

A first aid kit

It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling for long distances or short ones-there should always be a first aid kit in your car. Some basic items that you will do well to include in your first aid kit include:

·  Benadryl- You’ll need this if you’re eating food or snacks and someone in your travel party experiences an allergic reaction to something.

·  Antiseptic wipes: These will ensure that your car remains sanitized and they will also come in handy in case of wounds or cuts.

·  Antibiotic ointment: An antibiotic treatment will prevent a wound, cut, or burn from getting infected.

·  Bandages: Ensure that your kit has different kinds of bandages and gauze pads for dressing wounds.

·  A space blanket: Space blankets look just like regular blankets except that they are lined with aluminum to decrease your likelihood of getting hypothermia. If you don’t have access to a space blanket, a regular blanket will do.

An emergency auto survival kit

If trouble should strike during your travels, you will be glad when you have a well-stocked emergency survival kit. Having an emergency survival kit is essential not just for roadside emergency preparedness, but having an emergency kit could mean the difference between getting back on the road fast and being stranded for hours on end, perhaps even in a dangerous situation.

Some car emergency kit must-haves include:

·  A no spill gas can

·  Glow Sticks or roadside flares

·  Jumper cables (be sure to get the right ones for your vehicle)

·  A non-explosive flat tire inflation canister

·  A smaller tool kit which includes important tools such as vise grips, tire pressure gauge, screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, and so on.

·  Flashlight with extra batteries or one that doesn’t need batteries

·  A car fire extinguisher

·  Antifreeze

A plug-in air purifier

Not to gross you out or anything, but a car plug-in air purifier is one of the best investments that you can make particularly if you intend on traveling long distances with a bunch of people.

Traveling in groups during a road trip is easily one of the best ways to make it an adventure. However, when there is a group of people packed in a single car, it can get ripe; not to mention, things can go from bad to worse if there is also a pet involved.

The purpose of a car air purifier is to eradicate harmful allergens as well as destroy odors from your vehicle. Most purifiers come with built-in ionizers that help to get rid of both dust, string smells, and pollen from the air. Before you go ahead and buy one, it is a good idea to first check whether your car has been outfitted with one already so as not to make a redundant purchase.


It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling with adults or with little ones- no one will be able to withstand a road trip on an empty stomach. If you are traveling to new and strange lands, you may not be able to predict new areas’ restaurant hours or availability.

As such, it is always recommended that you pack a few snacks to avoid any heartaches. Some great snacks to include during your trip are trail mix, nuts and dried fruits, orange juice, or unsweetened iced tea for your beverage, whole wheat crackers, and more.

Final Thoughts

When you are traveling on a road trip, the last thing anyone wants is to be stranded somewhere unfamiliar without the right tools to survive on hand. To ensure that you all set and traveling comfortably, we’ve recommended this list of essentials. Not only will these essentials give you the peace of mind to travel safely, but they will also allow you to be prepared in the event of an emergency.


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Planning a Road Trip? 5 things you should have in your Car