The Toyota Agya Interior Speaks to Both Head & Heart

The inside of a car impacts the car lovers significantly. The new TOYOTA AGYA is an innovative and modern vehicle with unique, bold, and sporty looks. 

The Toyota Agya reflects the decent inside, but stylish choice of its owner wherever it goes. With powerful driving, fuel efficiency, and unmatchable safety, its impressively stunning interior makes people directly in love with Toyota Agya.

Main interior features of Toyota Agya

Its stylish body with elegant and charming interior is the feature that speaks to both head and heart. The cabin of TOYOTA AGYA is enhanced with the lever opening doors, transmission rod, the AC meter panel trim, and the parking brake lever trim. 

To make the Toyota Agya interior comfortable and relaxed, coated fabric seats with complete headset are used, and can also be removed. Its digital air-conditioned display red lines around speedometers, seat patterns, and a push to start button for the ignition simply double the attraction and beauty of its interior.

The dashboard of TOYOTA AGYA is on the facelift version with a new center stack design that looks more ambitious. This facelift version has a newer feature of the start/ engine button. The TOYOTA AGYA interior looks futuristic and luxurious. It is interesting to see, and no one can judge its low price after seeing its interior.

 Advantages of having Toyota Agya

Its low price is the most significant advantage of buying TOYOTA AGYA. Its security aspects include seat belts and two airbags for driver and first passenger. It gives the mileage of 30km/liter, which makes it fuel-efficient. TOYOTA AGYA appears in three variants (TRD-S, G, & E) of both manual and automatic transmission. Its engine capacity is 998cc DOHC fuel injection and power to reach 65ps at 6,000rpm.

Toyota Agya Specification

Toyota AGYA is the latest and affordable car introduced by TOYOTA is undoubtedly ruling the streets of Asia. TOYOTA AGYA 2020 is a model with modern upgrades that has become one of the edgiest looking hatchbacks in the world.

It now has an SUV-like bumper that is raised from lower and mid-section. With tweaking headlights, along with black trim metal running towards the fog lights, perfectly match its latest style. Its outer styling kit includes side skirts, rear bumper, deeper-leveled chin, tailgate spoiler with a glossy black finish, and decals added on the front bumper and skirt. The overall specification of TOYOTA AGYA is:

  • 85 Nm at 3600 rpm engine torque
  • 12 valve engine
  • 3 engine cylinders
  • Front tires are mover tires
  • SRS airbag security system
  • 6 spoke alloy wheels
  • 2730mm wheelbase

City Car is a type of car that’s rather important in Jakarta, for the domestic market shows a preference in consuming cars, that are cozy enough when encountering the traffic jam, but also high in its fuel efficiency. OtoHome.com claims that in the Indonesia market, Toyota Agya is explicitly built for the task of dealing with city drivers. 

Moreover, Agya is stylish, fun to drive, and economical with a more comfortable interior and impressive interior features.

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The Toyota Agya Interior Speaks to Both Head & Heart