Canandaigua Car Dealers and The Benefits Of Buying From A Dealership

If you come from Canandaigua, you should know by now that buying a car can be easy since there are numerous places from which you could purchase one. Whether you’re looking to buy a brand-new car or a used one, you can either get from a private seller or from a car dealership. In this article you’ll learn about the benefits of buying from a car dealership to help you make the best choice possible for your purchase.

  1. They can give you a warranty and car insurance as a part of the package.

Car dealers in Canandaigua have to abide by strict laws and standards. Hence, they can’t just go about with the sale of cars without first complying with all the necessary requisites to sell a vehicle. Part of these requirements include having a warranty and car insurance as a part of the vehicle that they’re selling. To help give you a head start on your search for these cars, check out

Having both a warranty and insurance is a good thing because you have a sense of protection for your vehicle. You wouldn’t want to bring home a car and later on find out that there are defects and costly repairs that you’ll have to undertake.

  1. They’re reputable institutions that have a lower chance of selling fraudulent vehicles.

Highway theft and carnapping is very much still prevalent today. If you’re buying a car from a private individual who’s a total stranger to you, you won’t be able to ascertain whether or not the vehicle they’re selling simply belonged to them, or if it is actually the result of a crime. Imagine all the trouble that you will be in if, later on, you find out that the car you bought is actually a fraudulent one.


Risks like the above-mentioned are reduced effectively if you purchase from a car dealership. Remember that car dealerships have to comply with the strict laws of Canandaigua, where inspecting cars and its sources are performed as a requirement for a legitimate sale.

  1. Car dealerships can give you so much more options to choose from.

Supposing that during the inspection process of buying a car from a private individual, you find a red flag that makes you doubtful about going ahead with your purchase. When this happens to you, you will have to start from square one and go through the process of looking for other sellers and cars in Canandaigua. This can be very stressful and time-consuming.

On the other hand, if you are going to buy from a car dealership instead, you will already have a wide array of options to choose from. Just in case the car you are looking to buy doesn’t feel adequate for you upon inspection, right there and then, there are other alternative options you can choose from. This eliminates the process of having to start all over again with your car shopping process.

  1. Car dealerships offer better customer service, even after the sale.

When you are dealing with a private seller, once the sale is closed, you may already lose communication with each other. If the seller runs away, there is little to no way at all for you to find out where the seller is. When you encounter any problems with the car that you have purchased, you will be stuck having to solve these all on your own. The opposite is true for car dealerships: they often offer much better customer service, even after the sale has already been closed. These car dealerships have a reputation and license to uphold, and should there be any faults on their part, this can immediately mean the risk of losing their license.

  1. Car dealerships complete all the paperwork for you.

Buying a car is one of the most significant expenses and decisions that you will have to go through, second to purchasing your home. When you shop for a car, it isn’t as easy as buying a shirt where all you do is pick it up and pay for it. Cars come with a lot of paperwork that has to be accomplished, and these can often mean so much effort on your part.

Buying from a car dealership makes this whole process less taxing for you. Car dealerships want to make their customers happy, and they have a business to maintain. As much as possible, they will want to close their sale. Hence, these car dealerships will process and complete all the paperwork for you before you take the car home.


Many people choose to buy from private sellers because they can often get a better and cheaper price. However, after reading this, here’s to hoping that you are also better encouraged to purchase your car from a car dealer instead. The advantages of doing so outweigh the extra costs that you will have to pay for to give you that extra peace of mind that the car you are going to buy won’t be a lemon.


Author: Brandon Park