Uber Guidelines and Your Responsibility as a Passenger

You call an Uber, and when the driver pulls up, they’re at your disposal, helping you get to your destination with as little issues as possible. Top drivers may offer you USB charging, water and a variety of music options, too.

And if you’re a good passenger, you’ll be able to use the service in the future.

What a lot of passengers forget, especially those taking Uber for a late-night spin back home from the bar or a concert, is that there are guidelines when using Uber. These drivers are protected by Uber’s community guidelines, and the guidelines always start with the same thing: respect each other.

A few of the ways that you may disrespect the driver is by:

  • Making the driver wait
  • Slamming the car door
  • Shouting or yelling at the driver

Now, when you walk out of the vehicle, you also want to make sure that you’ve cleaned up after yourself. If you leave trash in the backseat, you’re making the next ride less pleasant for the next passenger.

You’ll want to also follow these tips, or you may not be welcomed back as a passenger for Uber – it’s rare, but it does happen:

  • Give your driver space and privacy. Your driver shouldn’t be asked if they are single, you shouldn’t enter their personal space, and you shouldn’t make comments about the driver’s appearance. No touching or flirting with drivers – at all.
  • Supervise your children at all times. This means that a parent or guardian must be with a child when they’re using Uber.
  • Damaging any of the driver’s property, on purpose, is definitely going to get you banned from Uber. This means breaking items in the vehicle, purposely causing a mess or spilling food in the vehicle.
  • Abuse behavior is a big no-no, and this means no abusive language or gestures on your part. Physical abuse, such as hitting a driver, is definitely terms for an Uber ban, too.
  • Smoking in a vehicle is not allowed. You may not smoke in a vehicle, and you’re also not allowed to pull out your vapeactive vaporizer pen and start vaping – that’s not allowed either. Smoking is considered damaging the driver’s property, and you may have to pay for the interior of the vehicle to be professionally cleaned if you smoke inside of it.
  • Laws must be followed, and this means never bringing open liquor into a vehicle or requesting drivers break the law.

Uber will conduct its own investigation into any incidents that occur within a vehicle. This investigation will be thorough, and it may mean that your account is put on hold while the investigation is completed.

Serious or repeat offenses may result in your Uber account being terminated.

Law enforcement may also be involved in an investigation, so legal action may be taken against a passenger. This would be the case when sexual harassment or misconduct occurs. Abuse, especially physical abuse, may also result in law enforcement taking action against a passenger.

Uber does have law enforcement guidelines that will be followed.

Author: Mike