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    MOT for Motorcycles

    The MOT testing regime covers motorcycles as well as cars and vans. Any of these three vehicle types which is over three years old (apart from some particular exceptions) must have a valid, current MOT certificate in order to use the UK’s roads legally. After the first MOT at 3 years, the test is done […]

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    Long-Term Car Ownership: Common Issues You Will Have to Deal With

    Owning a car is a big responsibility as problems compound when a repair is left undone. You do not want a minor repair to turn into a major problem costing thousands of dollars to repair. Over time you are going to have to deal with issues no matter how responsible you are. The last thing […]

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    Why Every Business Needs a Reliable Logistics Provider

    When it comes to logistics, and especially technical logistics, you cannot be cutting corners when it comes to your provider. Technical items are expensive, and so they need to be moved by a service provider that knows exactly what they’re doing, and has many years experience doing it. When you purchased your technical items, you […]

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    The Top 3 Benefits Of an MOT Test For Your Motorcycle

    In the United Kingdom, it is mandatory for your motorcycle to go through an MOT, to make sure that it is roadworthy, and safe to drive. The government puts this test in place for your benefit, and for the benefit of other road users. You would be surprised at the number of motorcycles currently driving […]

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    The Car Accident Lawsuit Process Explained: A Detailed Guide

    What’s the average cost of a car accident? For car accidents that result in simple injuries, the cost of the medical bills can quickly reach $151,000. However, when you start accounting for disabling injuries, the average cost of recovery is well over $1 million. If someone else’s negligent behavior has caused you or a loved […]

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    6 Ways to Use Social Media Video to Sell Your Used Car

    Are you planning to sell your car? Do you want to get a good price? If you’re selling a used car, one of the best places to promote it is on social media. On Facebook alone, there are over 2 billion users and on all social media together there are several more billions. If you […]

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    Essential Car Maintenance Tips To Avoid Accidents

    Here are essential car maintenance tips to avoid accidents when driving: Read the manual: This booklet comes with the car and is an important guide to know what is the recommended products and how often should some service be provided to the car. Take the time to read it and familiarize yourself with the operation […]

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    New-Age Optics Are Helping Amateurs Make Super-Fast Repairs

    Americans remain poor at the general maintenance of their own vehicles. One study reported by Fox found that 36% of Americans wouldn’t even know how to fix a flat tire, never mind a more complicated problem with internal machinery. Slowly changing this picture is the advent of smart tools and optics, which are giving car owners and […]