A Car Lovers Christmas Gift Guide

Is your husband a petrol head? Your niece an axel addict? With Christmas fast approaching, maybe it’s time to start shopping.  Need some ideas? Here is a car lover’s Christmas gift guide. If you don’t have any money to spend, just send them over to GamingGuides to play some browser racing games.


For the ultimate car enthusiast who wants to pimp their ride, check out MIG welders complete with welding cart, air, and belt sanders to remove old paintwork and rust, powder cutting booths to re-spray, and toolsets for all of their mechanical needs.  The list of car lover gifts for those who love to tinker with cars all day long is endless.

Boy (or girl) Racer

Red-letter day gifts are a wonderful gift to give driving fans.  Their eyes will light up when they open an envelope containing a voucher for a day driving around in a Ferrari or a McLaren. If your husband thinks he is the next James Bond, you could buy him an Aston Martin driving experience. There are many driving experience options, such as having the opportunity to drive a tank, supercars, and go-karts around a world-famous racing track.

At the Carwash

Car lovers want to look after their pride and joy, so why not buy them a cleaning kit or another product that will allow them to keep their wheels gleaming.  Many different products are available such as color restorers, body wax, shampoo, polish, and snow foam.

Bugs and bird poo splattered on their car will be a thing of the past when you buy them a bottle of spray-on dirt and insect remover.  For a professional shine on bodywork, an electric polisher with various pads would be a gratefully-received gift. They could finish the exterior makeover by applying tire shine.

Inside the car is just as important as outside.  Novelty air fresheners make great stocking fillers, as do accessories such as interior wipes and glass wipes. If your loved one has a leather car interior, buy some luxury upholstery cleaner and a leather chamois.

Got It Covered

A gift of funky car seat covers might appeal to younger people who want to zing up their car interior while protecting their car upholstery at the same time. 

Personalized car mats always go down well as a unique gift. The mats can be printed or embroidered with almost anything – names, initials, cartoon characters, slogans, and sports team logos.

Suited and Booted

For the image-conscious individual, there is a range of car-related apparel. You can purchase t-shirts, polo tops, and hoodies with car-themed embellishments. You can even buy driving shoes, gloves, and sunglasses specially designed to wear while driving. 

For an exceptional gift, you may want to splash out on a watch such as a TAG Heuer or Tissot Alpine. Automotive-inspired timepieces have featured chronographs (for measuring elapsed time) often teamed with tachymeters (for measuring speed over a prescribed distance). To complete the look, team the watch with some cufflinks in the shape of speedometers.

Go Go Gadget

Gadget lovers will adore you when you give them a new toy to play with. Dashcams, portable jump starters, tire safety monitors, and portable breathalyzers are not only cool gadgets, but they are also handy and potentially life-saving. 

In line with the modern way of life, devices that are Alexa-enabled are now available for cars. The USB charging device plugs into your cigarette lighter, charging your stuff while also offering access to over 25,000 Alexa skills. In addition to voice-controlled navigation, hands-free calling, and music streaming, it also allows you to remotely control smart devices in your home.

For those who regularly travel long distances, give the gift of a mini-fridge, kettle, or coffee maker which plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter socket.

Get Out of the Car

If you are looking for gifts for people who wish to extend their car worship into the home, search for automobile art prints, scented candles that smell of fuel and new cars, or video games. 

They might be thrilled to decorate their home with a clock made out of a classic car steering wheel, some cushions with car pictures printed on them, or mugs with images from Haynes manuals on them.

Creative types will enjoy receiving a gift of a Lego creator classic car kit of a Ford Mustang or an Airfix plastic model kit of a Porsche. While big kids, and little ones, will be fighting over who plays your gift of Scalextrics first. 

There are hundreds of car-related gifts you can lavish upon loved ones to really rev up their Christmas day!

Author: Brandon Park