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    5 Fun Road Trip Games That Will Keep Everyone Occupied

    Can you name the longest road in the world? It’s the Pan American Highway, stretching from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to the southern tip of Argentina. It passes through 14 countries and covers a staggering 19,000 miles. Chances are you won’t be taking a road trip that long anytime soon. Still, even much shorter road trips […]

  • Rideshare Drivers Need Multiple Insurance Policies for Total Coverage


    Rideshare Drivers Need Multiple Insurance Policies for Total Coverage

    When Uber and Lyft became the standard ridesharing options, drivers weren’t thinking about car insurance policies. In the early days, most rideshare drivers didn’t think they needed extra coverage. Drivers were considered independent contractors and were responsible for maintaining their own vehicle and paying for their own insurance policy. Although independent contractors are personally responsible […]

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    What If a Car Insurance Company Refuses to Pay?

    Unfortunately, car accidents aren’t a rare occurrence, and it’s almost inevitable you’ll be involved in at least once during your life. Some people are involved in several, and according to The Gomez Firm, a car accident lawyer in San Diego, once you’ve settled everything at the site of the accident itself and made sure no […]

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    Get Help from an Auto Accident Attorney Following a Hit-and-Run

    When you think about automobile accidents that result in a lawsuit, you probably think of serious or fatal crashes. A hit-and-run accident is usually not considered very severe by most people. However, victims of hit-and-runs can often endure severe injuries that could keep them out of work for many weeks at a time and that […]

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    6 Fuel Efficiency Tips for Your Car

    The reality is that rising gas prices have been affecting Americans in more ways than one. It has forced people to change their driving and spending habits, but the following tips may help you improve your fuel efficiency that could help you fight rising gas prices. 1. Slow Your Roll One of the smartest driving […]

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    Tips for Boosting Your Car’s Fuel Economy

    Finally, you are a car owner. Well, that’s a big step in life. You will be a regular road user. You will move from one place to another without any difficulties. However, that’s another expense in life. You will need, among other things, to regularly maintain your car and fuel it. Plus, the fuel isn’t […]

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    How Do Driver Retraining Courses Work

    There are a variety of ways that someone can have their driver’s license revoked in Massachusetts, and in most, if not all, instances of this revocation, the individual will need to complete an RMV-approved driver retraining course. These courses are intended to educate the driver about how to avoid the behaviors that they were previously […]

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    What Does It Mean to Have a Car Totaled?

    Car accidents in the U.S. occur at a rate of around 6 million per year. That’s a staggering number and one that makes a person wonder how many of the cars involved are still drivable. Many of those cars end up classified as a total loss. The driver takes absorbs the loss and shops for a […]

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    5 Useful Advantages Of Tinted Windows For A Vehicle

    Most people have their car serviced and maintained regularly to protect the engine but can the same be said for the car windows? Did you know that tinted windows are not merely an aesthetic-pleasing enhancement, but also have other benefits that relates to the protection of your vehicle? Keeping The Upholstery In Tip Top Shape […]

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    What to Look For in a Car Accident Attorney

    Your whole world could be turned upside down when you’ve been involved in a car accident. The accident could result in permanent disabilities. This could interfere with your ability to provide for your family. What do you do when the accident is caused by someone else’s negligence? Seeking compensation would be the right thing to […]